Tactical Mind

12-Weeks of Incredible Personal & Professional Growth

Feeling Stuck? Anxious? Frustrated? You're Not Alone.

All of us wish we could do more. Be more. Somewhere inside of us, there’s the person that we know we could be. The truth is that there’s only one person that can make that happen: you.

For over 20 years on stages and in boardrooms all over the world, Todd Campbell has helped tens of thousands break through roadblocks in their businesses, relationships, and personal lives. Combining decades of personal development, psychology, and proven experiential learning, the Tactical Mind is Todd’s most effective course yet.

What Will Tactical Mind Do For You?

Over 12-weeks of amazing curriculum and live virtual classes, you’ll experience:


A comprehensive guided exploration of you. What really makes you tick? What stories are you telling yourself? How do you subconsciously avoid or reject change and growth?


New beliefs of self and a new mastery of emotional temperament.


Renewed vision and clarity of purpose with maximum direction in your personal and professional life.


How to overcome old paradigms, bad habits, and breaking points that are holding you back.

...and much, much more.

What Will I Learn?

What People Are Saying About Tactical Mind

Casssandra O. Tazelaar

I’ve done so much personal development in the past that never really stuck.  Tactical Mind and Todd have created something special. From the first week I’ve already started using the tools we’ve been given in my work and my relationships.  I would recommend 100%.

Rob Thomas

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tactical Mind has changed not just my life, but my family’s life as well.  I’m a better dad, a better businessman and a better person. Above and beyond what I was expecting.

Aaron Fraser

Words like “breakthrough” and “epiphany” are thrown around so much that they lose meaning.  But that is literally the only way I describe how effective and powerful this curriculum and training was for me.  Whatever you’re struggling with, this is going to make a difference.

Yours To Keep Forever

Get the most out of every week’s material with a chapter-based 113 page Workbook. Available as a digital and fillable PDF or to print at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This seems scary! Will I have to walk on coals? Start hugging random strangers? Be forced to share deep, dark secrets? A: Nope! This is a 12-week virtual class focused on experiential learning (you can learn more about this methodology here (https://www.aee.org/what-is-ee). The curriculum is designed to push and challenge you, but at your own pace.

Q: How does Tactical Mind work with Todd’s other courses?
A: Tactical Mind is designed to synergize with the training in Todd’s live classes. If you’ve been to an event hosted by Todd or plan on attending one in the future, Tactical Mind will add more value.

Q: What if I start and don’t feel like it’s for me?
A:  There is a 3-day “no questions asked” refund policy from the date of purchase (although we always love feedback).

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